Our Favorite Travel Websites & Products


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One of our favorite tools to use to find accommodations, whether it is a flight, hotel, or rental car, is Kayak. This search engine makes it SO easy to find the best possible deals no matter where we are looking to go!


We absolutely LOVE our PupPod to keep our pups occupied when we go on day trips without them. This wonderful little gaming console for dogs provides mental stimulation and keeps them happy while we can't be there. It even has a camera so you can check in on your furry friends, and maybe even throw them a treat!


Formerly Scott's Cheap Flights, this is our all-time favorite source for affordable plane tickets! Going is constantly sending out phenomenal deals on airline tickets all over the world, and it has truly been a lifesaver for us! Click here to sign up for an annual subscription so you never miss out on the best deals!